Curriculum Overview

Underpinning the pedagogical framework at EMASI is the core belief that a curriculum cannot be built around a school but rather a school must be built around the curriculum. At an EMASI school this implies high quality, purpose built and well planned facilities which appropriately connect our educational philosophy with the teaching and learning programs.

In line with the name EMASI, the curriculum features:

  • English (E): An intensive and dynamic English program taught by expatriate teachers using Cambridge English as the framework. Students graduating from an EMASI school are expected to acquire a near mother tongue level proficiency in the English language.
  • Mathematics (M): A strong Mathematics program based on the Vietnamese MoET syllabus, but significantly enhanced and updated through the adoption of modern pedagogical approaches from the Cambridge International curriculum, which emphasize critical thinking, problem solving and deep conceptual understanding.
  • Art (A): A significant focus on Arts, not only the art production or performance but more importantly to equip the basic knowledge of art through the art appreciation and art history so that students will have a thorough understanding about art which allows them to develop their aesthetic taste, promote their creativity and enrich their lives.
  • Science (S): A strong focus on Science, based on the Cambridge International Curriculum which is taught in English, and the MOET curriculum taught in Vietnamese but with interdisciplinary pedagogy and approach. Students are encouraged to explore their world and discover new things through many real projects and experiments, giving them a strong foundation to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills needed to actively participate in an increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced world.
  • Information Technology (I): The synchronous and complete investment of information technology infrastructure systems, equipment, and an academic team of well-experienced experts and teachers is a commitment that the school has a strong focus on students’ good proficiency and knowledge of information technology – a critical adaptability in the changing technology world today and in the future.

In addition to the above, the taught curriculum also includes:

  • A focus on information literacy skills is taught as part of the Library program and integrated technology across all grades. This enables students to read, research, write a dissertation, study independently and critically reflect on the validity and reliability of information.
  • Physical Education Program is strongly emphasized in order to ensure and optimize students’ wellbeing. From this program students learn how important physical, mental and emotional health is thus build up their love and habit to do exercise and sport in order to achieve their best  wellness condition. In addition, through the Physical Education Program and the sport, students learn and develop their teamwork skill and leadership.
  • The study of History and Geography delivered in line with the MoET syllabus but enhanced through an interdisciplinary pedagogy. While the traditional pedagogy is predominantly didactics basing on one-way method from Teacher (transfer) to Students (receive), the interdisciplinary approach encourages dialogues between students and teachers, and among students through discussions, tougher studying and doing research, making projects, from different sources of information by different methods, and possibly associated with other subjects and other fields. Students are not required to learn by heart facts, rather are motivated to make inquiry, to understand the concept and the context, the cause and nature of things thus enable them to draw their own conclusion and develop their critical thinking skill. For students who join EMASI at early ages, or those who meet the English proficiency requirements, they will learn these subjects in English by the Common Core Curriculum of the United States in addition to the MOET program taught in Vietnamese.
  • Maker Space Program helps support students to develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving via STEAM approach. The program is taught at all grades and designed in a way that students will have to turn their idea into some real product by leveraging their taught skill of manual tools, motorized tools, CNC machine, 3D printer, 3D scanner … with adoption of technology and IT.
  • In the High School, students are introduced to logic reasoning subjects: philosophy, epistemology, politics and psychology, the very key areas of critical thinking.

Extracurricular programs: EMASI offers a comprehensive extracurricular program which includes a range of sporting and creative activities designed to enhance the taught curriculum and cater to the non-academic needs of the students.

Pastoral care and counseling: Student welfare and well-being are central to the EMASI philosophy and there is a strong commitment to the academic, social, emotional and psychological needs of our students. These needs are met through the Pastoral Care program and academic, career and university placement counseling on each campus.


In order to deliver the curriculum at the highest quality, our team includes:

  • A Founding Board which consists of visionary philanthropists, dedicated and highly regarded educators and international education experts.
  • Qualified English language teachers and native English speakers.
  • Dedicated, passionate and highly qualified Vietnamese teachers who are all trained in the modern teaching methods that EMASI schools apply.

EMASI School Ethos

The EMASI ethos is an extension of our philosophy and attitudes which are reflected by all faculty, students and staff across every subject, in all activities, and throughout school life.

The Philosophy Angle:

  • Humanity: embraces the school attributes of Love and Compassion, Care and Service, Fair and Just, which are perceived as the ultimate values. Possession of these values will result in kindness, righteousness and a caring and compassionate spirit.
  • Patriotism: by promoting Vietnamese language, literature and culture we embed a love of country, our people and the innate desire to protect the environment.
  • Liberalism: we perceive learning to be a partnership between the teacher and student where discussion, inquiry, engagement and reflection are essential. Our pedagogy is liberating in that it encourages exploration, experimentation, risk taking and problem solving so that students are not only receivers of information but are actively involved in their own learning.

The Attitudes Angle:

An EMASI student will be:

  • Self-motivated (I want to do it): always exhibiting a positive and success driven attitude premised on the fact that whatever we do must be a good and just thing to do.
  • Self-challenged (I can do it): embraces and accepts all challenges and achieves to the best of his/ her ability.
  • Always striving for perfection (I’ll do it best): aims for the best and never accepts accept mediocrity.

Download EMASI International Program Handbook

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Cảm ơn Thông tin của Phụ huynh. Nhà trường sẽ liên hệ với Phụ huynh trong thời gian sớm nhất
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