Tuition Fees

We aim to make top-quality education affordable to local families, and our fees reflect this aim.

Application Fees

A one-time non-refundable Application Fee is payable when the Application Form is submitted.



Security Deposit

A payment of VND 20,000,000 per child is required as a Security Deposit when the child successfully passes the admissions tests and joins the school. This deposit will be refunded when the child leaves the school provided at least 60 days (school days as of the academic calendar) prior to the child’s last day at school. The Security Deposit will not be refunded or transferred to another student If the Parents decide not to enroll the child after paying this fee and/or fail to submit the Withdrawal Notification Form within 60 days prior to the child last day at school.

Development Fee

A Development Fee of VND 10,000,000 for the year 2022-2023 is payable together with tuition fees when the offer of a school place is accepted. Development Fee is the annual fee applying to all students and non-refundable under any circumstances. This fee is used for school maintenance and facility development.

Discounts & Offers

We offer a 5% tuition fee discount to the second child in the same family studying concurrently in the school. A discount of 10% will be given to the third child; and any subsequent children. The sibling discount is based on the tuition fee for the youngest child and is also applicable to tuition fees paid per semester. This offer cannot be applied to extended family members or friends, or combined with any other special discounts, prepaid financial scheme package.

Tuition Fee 2022 – 2023

Please bear in mind that if you pay your annual tuition fees in one single installment at the beginning of the year, you will save 15% of your total annual tuition fees.

The School reserves the right to amend the Schedule of Fees from time to time. Fees can be paid by card, or by bank transfer with information as below:


  • Account number (VND): 90390018501
  • Account number (USD): 37390018501
  • Swift code: SCBLVNVX


  • Account Number: 116 00 26 76 033
  • Bank name: Vietinbank – Branch 4, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Swift code: ICBVV NVX

Late Enrollment

The School accepts late enrollment after the start of academic year depending on availability. Those who enroll after the start of the academic year in Semester 1 will pay full annual tuition fees. Those who enroll in Semester 2 will pay full Semester 2 tuition fees.

Bus Fees (VND)

The school offers bus service for selected districts with an according fee. Please note that bus fees are calculated based on the specific location and address of each campus, the consuming time for the selected routine, and represents driving distance. In case of withdrawal, bus fees are refundable pro-rata per month, effective for the next month after the withdrawal (if any).

We offer a 10% discount on bus fee to the second child and any subsequent children in the same family.

Please note that in case the number of seats on the bus is limited according to the pandemic prevention standards of the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Education and Training, the school may have to adjust the bus fee accordingly.

Other Fees

Besides, personal supplies, uniforms, meals, field trips and extra-curricular activities’ expenses, textbooks, personal stationery, compulsory medical insurance, examination fees and after school care service fee are payable by parents.

  • Annual uniform fee:

  • Meal fees: Students can choose meal options as below. For late enrollment students, meals are charged based on number of pending school days starting from the joining day.

In case of withdrawal, paid meal fees will be refunded pro-rata on monthly basis starting on the follow month after the month of withdrawal (if any).

  • Material fee: Parents are responsible for paying VND 5,000,000 per year for textbooks, international program books, reference materials, E-learning resources, subscriptions, stationery and course materials for some subjects. This fee applies to all students in all year groups.
  • Some extra-curricular activities may incur an extra charge if delivered by an external provider.
  • After school care service per day

Kindergarten 16:30 – 18:00 : VND 300.000
Elementary, Middle & High Schools 16:30 – 18:00 : VND 100.000

  • Compulsory medical insurance as required by the government.

Payment Deadlines

Parents need to ensure that tuition fees and other fees are payable by the deadlines below for each year to secure a place:

If payment is not made before the deadline, the School shall add a 0.05% penalty fee per day to the outstanding payment, and a new pro-forma invoice will be issued accordingly.

Withdrawal And Refund Fees

1. Withdrawal during the academic year:

If a child withdraws from the School during the academic year, the following refund policy will apply:

  • It is the Parents’ responsibility to complete the School’s standard Withdrawal Notification Form and to submit it to the respective school office at least 60 days (school days as of the academic calendar) prior to the child’s last day at school. This will ensure the refund policy is applied and school reports are issued.
  • The School will not refund any portion of Semester Tuition Fees or Late Enrollment Fees.
  • The School will refund a percentage of the Annual Tuition Fee based on the date of the last day at school stated on the School’s academic calendar.

2. Withdrawal before the start of the academic year:

  • In case Parents have made full annual payment for next academic year’s tuition far in advance, and decide to withdraw from the school, a withdrawal notification needs to be submitted to the school latest by 31 May to get the refund of the tuition fees paid less an equivalent amount of the Security Deposit. If the deadline of 31 May is not met, the school will apply the same refund policy as if the student withdraws during the academic year as of 10.1 above.
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