EMASI Summer School 2020

General Introduction

The EMASI Summer School Program has been structured around four key aspects: English Literacy, Skills Development, the Arts, Health Education & Sport. We have chosen a thematic approach to seamlessly blend the academic goals with skills development, giving your child fun and authentic contexts, through which to apply and enhance their existing knowledge, skills and understanding. The themes will provide an opportunity for your child to apply their learning from a broad range of curricular subjects.

At EMASI Summer School, students enjoy a varied and fun multi-activity program. The extensive facilities at the school provide the opportunity for students to enjoy a wide range of activities including swimming, football, art, craft, STEAM and ICT. Our Summer School is a 5-week course, will begin on 8th of June and run until the 10th of July 2020. The summer school is open to all children from 3 to 15 years old.

Some memorable and interesting moments of EMASI Summer School 2019

     1. English & Literacy

EMASI summer program helps students develop English grammar, vocabulary, the 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) within a context appropriate to their age. We also use technology for maximum participation. Students’ writing skills will be assessed on entry to the program and literacy tasks will be differentiated to meet their individual needs. Literacy units have been designed to link with the summer school themes as well as to facilitate students overall literacy development.

     2. Skills Development

One of the best practiced benefits of attending the EMASI summer school is the confidence it gives to children. This new-found confidence is not just social, it can also instill academic confidence and develop skills. We have divided these skills into five categories: Problem Solving; Creativity; Analytic thinking; Collaboration and Communication. At our summer course, these skills are taught progressively through activities and projects, taking into account the most age and developmentally appropriate goals for students.

     3. The Arts

Our summer course is designed to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in art & music and develop their skill sets plus, while having a lot of fun. By bringing transformative arts education, we help ensure that students of all ages and skill levels can tap into the invaluable benefits of arts education, including critical thinking skills, problem-solving and creativity. We strive to make the art and music lessons convenient and accessible for students, so they will be encouraged to continue exploring their growing artistic interests.

     4. Health Education and Sport

The EMASI summer program provides young people with productive and creative uses for their time by offering a valuable mix of both physical and intellectual activities. The activities are not only designed to be fun, but also introduce children to new and exciting activities they may not have otherwise tried. Students attending the summer course will receive a high allocation of physical activities throughout the course and they will also spend class time learning how to stay happy, healthy and fit.

     5. Educational Trips

Trips are an exciting and interesting way to take learning out of the classroom and into real-life contexts. Each summer school class will attend at least one school trip that will be linked to one of the four areas of the curriculum. Students will complete activities, either before, during or after the trip that will link with their work at Summer School.

Why Should Parents Choose EMASI Summer School 2020?

  • Comprehensive English program taught by native teachers
  • A variety of sports activities which help develop physical strength
  • Uniquely designed gifted subjects that help inspiring passion and excitement
  • International standardized facilities
  • Exciting extra curriculum activities and field trips which are highly educational
  • Developing important soft skills, enhancing students’ confidence, independence and self-awareness
  • Meaningful environmental projects

Fees (*)

5-Week Package By Week
Kindergarten Elementary – Middle School Kindergarten Elementary – Middle School
Fees 22.300.000 29.500.000 5.100.000 6.800.000
30% Discount Before 28/02/2020 15.610.000 20.650.000 3.570.000 4.760.000
20% Discount Before 31/03/2020 17.840.000 23.600.000 4.080.000 5.440.000
10% Discount Before 29/04/2020 20.070.000 26.550.000 4.590.000 6.120.000



  • Fees includes: tuition, teaching materials, meals, trips.
  • Students must register at least 3 consecutive weeks.

Download Leaflet of EMASI Summer School 2020

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Cảm ơn Thông tin của Phụ huynh. Nhà trường sẽ liên hệ với Phụ huynh trong thời gian sớm nhất