EMASI accepts applications for admissions throughout the school year.

Admissions Criteria

The school admits students whose academic and personal needs can be met by the programmes and support services available at the time of admission.  As part of the application process, all students will be formally interviewed by the respective Divisional Heads and all students from Grade 2 are required to sit an admissions test/s.

The school reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants based on the following considerations:

  • There are negative elements in the applicant’s scholastic or behavioral record that could potentially have a negative impact on the school or community.
  • The class size is at capacity for the grade being applied for.
  • Required documentation as per admissions procedures is not provided.
  • The school cannot meet the individual needs of an applicant.

Admissions Process

To apply for admission, the following documents should be received by the school’s Admissions Office:

  • A completed and signed Application Form
  • 02 passport photos (4x6)
  • 01 notarized copy of the student’s birth certificate in Vietnamese
  • 01 notarized copy of the parents’ or guardians’ identity cards or passports
    01 notarized copy of the permanent residence book for the student
  • School reports for the last 02 years, and/or
  • School transfer documents (if students transfer school in the middle of the academic year)
  • All original transcripts
  • Health certificate
  • Certification of completion of the Elementary School (for Middle School applicants)
  • Certification of completion of the Middle School (for High School applicants)

Once all required documents have been received and the Application Fee has been paid, the  Admissions Office will schedule an appointment for the applicant to sit their admissions tests or/and attend their admissions interview:

  • Kindergarten and Grade 1: Interview with Head of Division.
  • Grade 2 and above: Admissions tests followed by an interview with Head of Division.

When the interview and test results are available, the Head of School will confirm if the student is accepted, conditionally accepted or rejected. The decision is final and cannot be contested.

If the student is accepted to the school, the Admissions Officer will send parents or guardians a formal Offer Letter and a tuition fee invoice. Parents have 5 working days to confirm their acceptance, pay the invoice, and submit all required documents. After the Offer Letter is signed and submitted and all fees due are paid, the student will be formally enrolled at the school within 02 working days.

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